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Glossary of Codes and Descriptions

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In the breed column the last letter is usually an N, L, or an E.
N – is the code for normal finishing types- 1250 to 1350 lbs if fed by professional feeders

L – is the code for late finishing types-1500 lbs or more

E – is the code for early finishing types – 1100 lbs or less

US Types – Traditional British Type Cattle – medium framed. Could be carrying a little
extra flesh, possibly some slick haired cattle, no horns, could be any color but usually Red, Black, R.A./Charx.

Extreme – narrow long legged cattle that will take a longer to finish

Froze – Blemished- badly frozen ears, tails

Coarse – course headed cattle, bulls, stags, late cuts, belly nuts, and one nutters

XBred – stretchy better hipped types, mixed colors, no horns
eg.Limo type cattle that don’t have the big hips, Charolais that are colored up too
much for the tan or white pens

SSS – Simmentals and similar really large framed animals

Mixed – basically good cattle with minor blemishes ( insignificant ear or tail frost
damage, – minor lumps, minor eyeball scars), horns etc.


  • – including white faced or brockle faced tans, good hair, hip, and length, no horns
  • – should be no feather necks or line backs, slicks, or spotted cattle

Whites – good hair, hip and length, no slicks, horns, or small hipped short cattle


  • – modern type Black Angus, good hair, hips, and length, includes brockle and white faced Black Angus
  • – no feather necks, line backs or white legged cattle
  • – no horns


  • – thick butted Limousin cattle, no horns.
  • – can be different colors if they have the traditional Limo hip, length, muscle and thickness.


  • – good modern type Red Angus cattle.- the old style short bodied ones end up in the E pens
  • – includes some brockle faced and white faced, red necked cattle

WF – modern type growth, thick haired Herefords

These codes and descriptions are more important and dependable to the Internet bidder than the pictures are.